Fiber cutting machine is used to cutting, folding, welding of metal to desired end products of one specification. Fiber laser has several features that help it to delivered desired results to the customers and the industry or factory that uses it. The features are neodymium, dysprosium, ytterbium and holmium that help it perform actions built for. There are several models or types of laser cutters that a hobbyist or business can utilitze depending on the kind of purpose and the level of operations one wants to use it for. There are those models that will be cost effective in terms of time taken to produce.  For this article we will look at metal cutting sheet metal and stainless steel.


The cost or price of a laser is always a consideration.  But, increased cost may lead to more efficiency in production and thus lower cost in the long term.  Using a fiber laser metal cutting machine is typically more efficient long term as far as cost is concerned.

Most factories or industries have in mind the projected profit that they may want to make after production. In industries that uses these fiber laser machine get value for their money by cutting the materials in thinner size so that it is easy to make products easier and cost effective. The cost friendly aspect comes in during the time of running and servicing the machine.

The fiber marker or cutter is made for high metal cutting precision and more modified since it has an automated handling system that can make it easy for the machine to continue cutting the sheets or materials overnight without even having people supervising or controlling it. That saves the amount that could have gone to pay workers to work overtime or at night. Also the automation reduces the large portion of work that could have been done they can load and unload the materials. The machine reduces the production costs because of the speed it uses to cut the materials hence triggering the price to be relatively affordable.


During production speed is of essence, the faster the machine produces a product the faster it hit the market hence returning the amount spent during production and the profit. The thinner materials are faster to process because they do not overwork the machine. The speed during cutting thinner material is extremely faster and in a way it is cheaper.


Customers are important people in any business set up. Industries produce goods so that they can get consumers to their final products. The quality of the products produced by these thinner materials is good for customers because of the feedbacks they receive. Fiber laser that cut thinner materials have produced better products as to compare to other laser cutting machines like CO2 laser cutter machines. For productivity to be achieved the customers should be satisfied with quality of the products that are set for final consumption. Compared to thicker products, thinner materials are rated to be of the highest quality or standards. Consumers or customers of these products get total satisfaction hence manufacturers do not get lots of complains that touch on the quality of the thinner materials cut. What makes these fiber laser machine more preferred is the way it cuts the edges of these materials. For more information visit:


Ways to Destress After Work

When it comes to laser cutting, it can be hard work. It’s a job that requires precision, both in terms of the cutting, and what not to cut, i.e., your fingers. Therefore, it can be a stressful and harrowing experience. But, hey, work is work, right? Just do the job and get paid and quit bellyaching… right? Here’s the deal. When you subject yourself to prolonged periods of stress, you are creating problems for yourself that don’t simply go away when you clock out. These prolonged periods of stress can build up over time and create mental illness which, in turn, will actually impact your skill level and productivity overall. So, in essence, you worry about work place injury for long enough, and you’re almost certain to let it happen due to mental illness and other stress related problems that accrue over long periods of stress that will inevitably affect the quality of your work. Therefore, for so many reasons, we have go to start taking care of ourselves. Here are a few ways to de stress.

First and foremost, consider simple R & R, rest and relaxation. One way to unwind after a hard day’s work is to take a nice, long, hot bath. The hot water of a bath is great for relaxing muscles tense with stress, and the tranquility of the whole experience will have a similar effect on you mind. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself, either. After all, the more you can do to balance out your mood and morale, the better. Another way to destress after work is simply to take a quick power nap. What I mean by this is taking a quick nap, a half hour or less in length, to recharge your batteries a bit and allow you to better enjoy your evening. However, relaxation in isolation isn’t for everyone. In fact, my advice thus far has been aimed exclusively at introverts who are exhausted in social situations and recover in privacy.

Extroverts, on the other hand, hate being alone and thrive in social settings. Therefore, an extrovert has a different idea of relaxation. For example, simply getting the gang together, getting dressed to the nines in your new outfit from Kate Spade, and going out for a night on the town will do wonders of an extrovert. Going out for dinner and a movie, for example, is a great way for extroverts to unwind.…

Information about a Laser Engraving Machine

Laser engraving is one of the newest technologies that have been there for a short period of time. It is one of the best designing methods that most people use today because it is known to be accurate and at the same time clean.  2-D and 3-D are the standard and highest quality and this is in terms of the etching and laser cutting. Laser engraving machines play a very important roles and more especially in designing objects using lasers.  Some of the main things that are using in the laser engraving machines are the novel metal alloys and the laser-sensitive polymers.  Here are some of the things that you have to look for in order to get quality laser equipment.

  1. Epilog company website

The epilog company website can assist you to get the best laser engraving machine. These equipments come in a three tier range starting with the tier series to an advanced level known as the Fiber Mark level. The good thing about the starter series is that it has the ability to fit in high-level recreational. Some of the things that can make the laser engrave machine to function effectively are the level of production, range and size of materials. This makes it easy for the system to cut and engrave easily without any problem.

  1. High definition of quality

The needs of a company should be considered when looking for the best laser engraving machine.  The range of materials that the laser engraver is able to cut matters a lot and that is why you need to do a thorough research before purchasing one. Companies that have a high production unit are supposed to go for the top of the range fiber series. The reason for this is because they have the ability to cut and the same time engraves all types and kinds of metals. The laser etching devices are made in a way so that they are compatible with all kinds of computers and they are freely compatible. Most of these devices are compatible with any existing software including Coral DRAW and ADOBE design program.

  1. The cost of the laser engraving machines

It is very important to look at the cost of a laser before deciding to buy it. This will help you to budget well and know the amount of money that you have set aside to buy the laser engraving machine.  Laser engraving machines can be expensive but what you need to know is that the quality that they bring cannot be compared to their price. If you want to purchase a high quality laser engraving machine ensure you have around 60,000 to 70, 000 dollars. If you want a laser engraving machine of lower quality ensure you have around 10,000 to 12, 000 dollars.

The fiber laser cutting machine is another very important type of machine that you should not forget to look at when looking for the best machine to buy. A laser engraving device comes with its particulars there will be no much gamble when operating it.…

CO2 Laser Machines: Advantages and Optimizations for Label Cutting

One of  the purposes and benefits of the co2 laser engraver machine is to further customize post manufactured products.  And it can do so in very quick and detailed fashion.  The laser head much like a printer operates on an X and Y axis and can be operated using a PC.  The PC uses a laser interface or graphical program to ensure that the laser can navigate its way around the wood, metal or whatever material is being processed at the time.  Most manufactures will include a laser system for improving or customizing post productive work.  And some use a laser as part of their manufacturing process for creating parts instead of a cnc spindle or router.

Unlike a CNC there are no tools used on the laser system.  Many use it for the post manufacturing process.  And it’s one of many advantages to equipping your shop with a laser engraving machinery.

Label market

Market forecasters are prominent and predict a robust compound yearly growth rate (CAGR) of 6% (2016-2020) driven by emerging markets for pharmaceuticals, food/beverage containers, and cosmetics.

The co2 laser engraver machines can be bought in three separate parts, these been the laser, the surface and then the controller. It is vital to have all three of these components for you to proceed with any laser purchase. The laser is very similar to a pencil, in the sense of the tip been so fine and this is also to ensure that you get the best out of engraving to the point where it is neat and accurate.  The sharper the point the more detailed and intricate designs you can manufacture.

  • There is more than one sort of metals that you can engrave on, and then you find that you could do this on wood and plastics alike, then glass and stone too. This is one of the finer arts that you can make the best jewelry, and there are many creations that you could do with just a flip of a switch.

Optimized laser cutting of labels

In the tag cutting application, for maximum throughput, achieving the best absorption into the label material by the laser energy is paramount

Most of the laser cutter machine equipment that’s manufactured here are equipped with lasers that run with CO2 gas.   This produces a laser beam that’s possible to be implemented onto a variety of organic materials, like ceramics, marble, bamboo, rubber and Plexiglas and many more.  In fact Boss Laser has a number of laser cutting machines for creating signs, labels, and other custom modifications across a wide array of materials.

  • This would give you a variety of ways in which you could make gifts and at the same time add your personal touch. The idea of personalizing something is very appealing, and this would make known to the receiver of the gift that it is indeed from you. It is incredible to know what you can create by using one switch. More details here.


Co2 laser engraver has a demonstrated capability, in particular, for converting applications such as label cutting, where it is imperative to cut multiple, detailed shapes on the fly and with supreme precision.

If you are into fine art and creation the laser engraving machine is built to suit in that regard. The fine engravings that you routinely see from using this tool is something that you will find baffling. Laser engraving machines often give you the feeling of the possibilities of  making money in many ways.

With regards to labels, the best quality and throughput will be achieved when the laser wavelength is matched to a project’s specific film absorption characteristics as it relates to a co2 laser engraver.…

Laser Cutting

The Technology of Laser Cutting and Its Advantages

Using laser to cut materials is known as laser cutting and is usually used by industries. How does this work? Well, a computer is used to direct a high power laser for the material to be cut. Once the laser is used on the material it usually melts or burns and a high quality surface finish is produced. These are also known as industrial laser cutter machines and they are used to cut flat sheet materials.

There are different kinds of laser cutting:

CO2 laser machines are used for cutting, boring and engraving. It is used for Industrial cutting of material. The CO2 lasers are used by passing a current through the gas mix or using Radio Frequency energy.

The Radio Frequency (RF) method is more popular as they are not prone to problems such as electrode erosion which is prevalent in the other methods. The gas flow can also affect performance. You can check it from the original source to make sure it is really the right information.

The neodymium Laser (ND): is also used for boring. But here high energy pulses are used using a low repetition speed.

The Nd-YAG laser: here very high energy pulses are used for boring and engraving as well as trimming.

Laser cutting is highly successful because it is a neater, cleaner and faster way of cutting as compared to the traditional methods of cutting. The laser beam is very precise and quick and is preferred over the traditional ways of cutting as some of the materials are very difficult to cut. High energy is used to do this specialized way of cutting. It is also the most cost-effective method of cutting high precision parts. Since the parts a laser cut time is saved as parts do not need to be cut manually. Learn more detailed information at

This process is complex and uses a stimulating laser material by electrical discharges. Once the lasing material is stimulated using a partial mirror the beam is reflected internally. Mirrors are used to direct the light to the lens so that the light is projected to the lens. There are various methods in cutting using the laser technology used to cut different material. They are vaporization, melt and blow, scribing, thermal stress cracking.

The amount of laser cutting power required for a job depends on the material type, thickness, process used, and desired cutting rate.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting services are common and useful for those who don’t want to outlay capital to buy an expensive laser machine.  Some may opt to purchase a smaller and more affordable hobby laser.  You can see info about what to look for here.  Anyway, laser cutting services are offered by a variety of companies all over the world.  You can simply Google “laser engraving / cutting services”  along with your location and you will find several shops to choose from.  The advantages of Laser cutting services are that they are ideal for making custom parts quickly and economically.  Find info on Boss Laser here on TheFabricator website:

Laser cutting is a process through which complex materials can be cut in a precise manner. Laser cutting can be performed on a wide variety of materials and is very successful compared to other forms of cutting. Log on to our website and figure out the advantages of this amazing process. While you can get information on this article, it is highly advisable to do some additional research from the internet to compare the information and to make sure you are making the right decision which is vital.  To review companies look into what employees say as well:  Full Spectrum laser reviews.…

Laser Cutting Services

Best Laser Cutting Services

Technological advancement has to the introduction of a number of useful systems and devices. Our life has become smooth and easy. The tasks which were quite difficult in the past became easy with the help of useful devices and systems. Checkout my latest blog posted at

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation or LASER technology is one of the greatest inventions. LASER is a device that generates a highly concentrated coherent and monochromatic beam of light. By using the system of stimulated emission the light is produced.

This technology is mainly used in the metal fabrication industry to increase productivity, increase cutting capacity, cutting speed, improve cutting quality and reduce production cost. It is actually a technology that utilizes laser in cutting different types of materials, especially metals such as aluminum, carbon steel, copper alloys and stainless steel.

There are various types of laser cutter machines. Laser cutting is one of the most popular and common techniques of cutting metal. It is far more advantageous than the other material cutting procedures. There are off course some disadvantages of this procedure too. But compared to its benefits, its disadvantages are minimal. Its main advantages are cutting quality, precision, economy and cutting speed. Among its drawbacks is its high voltage requirement.

Laser beams can cause serious burn. It is one of the major disadvantages of this metal cutting procedure. With this procedure highly concentrated beam of light can be produced. It can quickly apply energy to a minute area. The best part is that it can be it can be controlled by lenses and mirrors and essentially as light. Another great thing about it is that it can travel at a very high speed. It can transmit information and travel in an empty space in a straight line. Visit this website for additional tips.

With these great properties of laser technology, people are using laser for a number of reasons. It is mainly used for cutting metals. A laser cutter machine uses the huge amount of energy while working. It evaporates or melts due to the constant beam of light. A cut is done by moving the laser beam across the surface or by moving the object being cut.

Industries that require sheet metal fabrication and designing take the help of laser technology to make things easy. It is better to avail the service of a reputed laser cutting service. There are a number of laser cutting services promising to provide the best help. Before you leap you need to make it sure that it is reliable and reputed.

Laser Cutting Services

There are different types of lasers that are used in cutting the metals. Among them the most common type of laser is CO2 laser machine or carbon dioxide laser. This gas laser is also used in welding.

This is one of the reputed providers of laser cutting services. We are dedicated and devoted towards satisfying customers with the best services. There are no other laser cutter services to complete the work with such dedication and devotion as we are doing. We provide various types of artwork with attractive designs.…

Laser cutter

About Laser Cutting And The Benefits Of This Technology

Laser cutting can be used to cut various materials, such as metal, and boasts numerous benefits. This technology is often used for industrial manufacturing applications; however, other uses have been found in small businesses, schools and amongst hobbyists. Laser cutters are controlled by using a computer. This process is a CNC, or computer numerically controlled, task. This means a design is created using a computer and then is sent to the machine. The machine can then create the design in whatever material is being cut.

There are a number of advantages offered by utilizing lasers over traditional mechanical cutting, many of which are dependent upon the material used and the purpose of the components being cut. There are some advantages that stand out no matter what material is being worked on or what the purpose of the finished product.
This technology was first used in 1965. The first laser cutter machine used was created by the Western Electric Engineering Research Center. The machine’s task was to drill holes into diamond dies.

In present times, there are three commonly used lasers, the CO2 laser machine, the neodynmium (Nd) and the neodymium yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Nd-YAG). The first type of laser mentioned, the CO2 laser, is used for boring, cutting and engraving. The other two lasers are the same style, but are used for different applications. When a boring task must be executed that requires high energy with low repetition, the Nd laser works best. If a boring task requires high power and engraving, then the Nd-YAG is the best choice. All of these lasers can be used for welding.

Laser cutting provides several benefits. First, using this technology can reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating the need of machining in some engineering jobs. This technology also offers a high-level of precision and allows complicated shapes to be created. Laser cutting will not contaminate work pieces either and the likelihood of warping is also reduced when this technology is implemented. And lastly, there are some materials that are almost impossible to cut using any other technique. Need more information? go to

The main downfalls to laser cutting is that it requires a lot of power.

Tips to help your design turn out the way you want it to:

• Avoid sharp angles, typically anything less than ten degrees. The laser will not be able to accurately make such sharp turns, which will result in a more rounded final product.

Laser cutter

• Avoid intricate designs. Once metal is heated, the laser cutter is not able to cut high levels of detail with extreme accuracy.

Laser cutting is a technology that is often used in industrial manufacturing. It presents several benefits and boasts high quality end results. Common uses of this technology include sheet laser cutting, cutting of structural components and also piping.

Nelson Steel Products has been in business since the 1940s and offers a range of steel fabrication capabilities, including laser cutting. For more information about the company and its capabilities, visit their website by following this link or do some research from the Internet.…