CO2 Laser Machines: Advantages and Optimizations for Label Cutting

One of  the purposes and benefits of the co2 laser engraver machine is to further customize post manufactured products.  And it can do so in very quick and detailed fashion.  The laser head much like a printer operates on an X and Y axis and can be operated using a PC.  The PC uses a laser interface or graphical program to ensure that the laser can navigate its way around the wood, metal or whatever material is being processed at the time.  Most manufactures will include a laser system for improving or customizing post productive work.  And some use a laser as part of their manufacturing process for creating parts instead of a cnc spindle or router.

Unlike a CNC there are no tools used on the laser system.  Many use it for the post manufacturing process.  And it’s one of many advantages to equipping your shop with a laser engraving machinery.

Label market

Market forecasters are prominent and predict a robust compound yearly growth rate (CAGR) of 6% (2016-2020) driven by emerging markets for pharmaceuticals, food/beverage containers, and cosmetics.

The co2 laser engraver machines can be bought in three separate parts, these been the laser, the surface and then the controller. It is vital to have all three of these components for you to proceed with any laser purchase. The laser is very similar to a pencil, in the sense of the tip been so fine and this is also to ensure that you get the best out of engraving to the point where it is neat and accurate.  The sharper the point the more detailed and intricate designs you can manufacture.

  • There is more than one sort of metals that you can engrave on, and then you find that you could do this on wood and plastics alike, then glass and stone too. This is one of the finer arts that you can make the best jewelry, and there are many creations that you could do with just a flip of a switch.

Optimized laser cutting of labels

In the tag cutting application, for maximum throughput, achieving the best absorption into the label material by the laser energy is paramount

Most of the laser cutter machine equipment that’s manufactured here are equipped with lasers that run with CO2 gas.   This produces a laser beam that’s possible to be implemented onto a variety of organic materials, like ceramics, marble, bamboo, rubber and Plexiglas and many more.  In fact Boss Laser has a number of laser cutting machines for creating signs, labels, and other custom modifications across a wide array of materials.

  • This would give you a variety of ways in which you could make gifts and at the same time add your personal touch. The idea of personalizing something is very appealing, and this would make known to the receiver of the gift that it is indeed from you. It is incredible to know what you can create by using one switch. More details here.


Co2 laser engraver has a demonstrated capability, in particular, for converting applications such as label cutting, where it is imperative to cut multiple, detailed shapes on the fly and with supreme precision.

If you are into fine art and creation the laser engraving machine is built to suit in that regard. The fine engravings that you routinely see from using this tool is something that you will find baffling. Laser engraving machines often give you the feeling of the possibilities of  making money in many ways.

With regards to labels, the best quality and throughput will be achieved when the laser wavelength is matched to a project’s specific film absorption characteristics as it relates to a co2 laser engraver.